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Vegan KitKats are coming soon to the UK!

Vegan KitKats are coming soon!

Do you follow a vegan or flexitarian diet but still want to enjoy your favourite treats? Well soon there will be a brand new, plant-based way to enjoy a break, with the launch of KitKat V.

The most common request Nestlé receives on social media is for a vegan KitKat, so the company set its expert chocolatiers and food scientists to work. The team at Nestlé’s research and development centre in York worked hard to design a vegan alternative that would live up to the high expectations of KitKat lovers everywhere.

KitKat V has the same crispy wafer as a regular KitKat but is covered in delicious smooth chocolate blended with plant-based ingredients. 

Nestlé is helping people embrace more plant-based food, with options across its wide range of food and beverages. Aside from plant-based food, Nestlé has also launched dairy-free coffee mixes and last year introduced Carnation Vegan condensed milk and vegan friendly Fruit Pastilles

KitKat V will be certified vegan and, like the rest of the KitKat range, it is made from 100% sustainable cocoa, sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan in conjunction with the Rainforest Alliance. 

KitKat V will be available in the UK later this year. In the meantime, fans not following a plant-based diet can enjoy the new dark and white chocolate KitKat Zebra, which is available now.