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By 2050, the world population will reach almost 10 billion making today’s food supply even more challenging. The lack of affordable nutritious foods accessible to everyone will be an even greater challenge than it is today.

Sustainability and environmental concerns are putting pressure on natural resources leading to consumers demanding food choices that are both, good for them and good for the planet. Many are moving to a more plant-based diet.

Right for you, right for the planet, right now

To keep up with the growing demand for sustainable, affordable, high-quality nutrition, we’ve adopted a multi-faceted approach to innovation.

Rapid prototyping and production facilities in our R&D centres for in-market testing help us to move from research to launch more quickly. We’ve also adopted a fast-track process to fund promising innovations outside of standard budget cycles. This gives us greater agility in responding to emerging trends.

In Nestlé Research & Development we push the boundaries of science, to develop innovative products and services that provide nutrition and health for people and pets everywhere across every stage of their lives. Watch the video to find out more about our function and our people.

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