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Marketing and advertising offer the opportunity to encourage people to lead healthier lives and take up good habits while supporting public health messaging and dietary recommendations.

We have been supporters of the Food Foundation's Peas Please pledge to encourage vegetable consumption since it started in 2017 with our Maggi Dry Recipe Mixes, and have recently added to our pledge with our Garden Gourmet range for hospitality.

We also support the Food and Drink Federation's (FDF) Fibre commitment Action on Fibre to help increase fibre intakes in the UK through a number of activities and brands, such as:

  • using ingredients that contain fibre in our products such as wholegrains in our Nestlé Cereals,
  • developing and encouraging recipes on pack and online that increase people’s fibre intakes.

There are many ways advertising and marketing can be used to encourage healthier and more sustainable diets and we are exploring different trials and ways of doing more of this in the future through our brands and products.