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We are proud to celebrate and support all of our LGBT+ colleagues here at Nestlé. From our educational events and resources to participating together with our colleagues and communities in local Pride marches.

Group of Nestlé colleagues smiling at the camera, standing outside, holding rainbow flags and dressed colourful.

Being LGBT+ at Nestlé

Learn more about how it feels to work here at Nestlé directly from our colleagues who identify as part of the LGBT+ communities:

We take pride in our employees

We take pride in our employees

Diversity and inclusion are a core part of our values - in the DNA of our culture. Our values are rooted in respect.

We also know that when you get a really brilliant mix of people that’s when the magic happens. Members of Nestlé's UK & Ireland LGBT+ Network share their experiences and views on being LGBT+ at Nestlé.



Out-and-out success

Emma Scott, co-founder of the Nestlé LGBT+ Network reviews the successes and achievements of a memorable year.

Read about LGBT+ at Nestlé in 2020  >






Role models

We are proud that our hard work and progress was recognised by the British LGBT awards. The British LGBT+ awards are an annual celebration of those working to advance the cause of the LGBT+ communities. 

Our LGBT+ Network was shortlisted as a Top 10 Network Group in the 2020 British LGBT Awards and in the Top 10 for Inclusive Employer or Company category in 2021.


We all need allies

We all need allies

We know how important it is to be able to bring your best self to work and feel valued and supported for being who you are. We all need strong allies to enable us to shine and thrive. Learn more from our colleagues about how to be a great ally.

Trans action

Back in 2020, we were delighted to introduce our trans inclusion policy demonstrating our commitment and support for our trans colleagues.

Out in force

Our Proud at Nestlé Network flies the flag on our behalf at Pride marches across the UK and Ireland. Here are some short videos from recent events.