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Coffee fuels Britain. It has a special place in everyday life. From our morning brew to catching up with friends, new research has shown coffee has overtaken tea as the UK's preferred drink.

And as proud manufacturers of Nescafé, the nation's favourite coffee, we're here for it. Not only do we love this delicious beverage, but we love our people who make it. From the coffee-growers to the bean tasters, to our manufacturing experts and sustainability specialists, we all share the same passion to deliver the perfect cup.

We've been making Nescafé in the UK at our Nestlé factory in Tutbury since 1959. First built as a Nestlé milk factory in 1901, it's been part of the community in this corner of Staffordshire for over 120 years.

We invite you to go 'behind the beans' with us and meet some of our factory team in Tutbury, have a sneak peek behind the scenes and learn more about our obsession with great coffee.

Nescafé factory
Nescafé factory
david guest no name tag
Coffee Production with David

Meet David, our Production Manager who knows everything there is to know about the manufacturing process from start to finish. Watch David give us a whistlestop tour of the Tutbury factory in 60 seconds, with fascinating facts along the way. (Look out for David getting suited and booted to go into the -50C arctic conditions of our freeze drying plant... brrrrr).

jasmin coffee taster
Bean tasting with Jasmine

Jasmine (Jas) can tell which country a coffee bean is from in one single sip. She says that anyone can become a coffee taster, but we know she’s got some seriously super tastebuds! Watch Jas and her team in the sensory room at the factory testing the quality of our Nescafé beans. Kudos to Jas’s grandmother for inspiring Jas to make coffee her lifelong passion.

Gareth Jones
Factory sustainability with Gareth

People often don’t know that coffee literally powers coffee at our factory in Tutbury. We recycle the used coffee grounds (50,000 tonnes of them every year) to create steam to help power the factory. Nothing goes to waste, we clean and reuse our water too. Watch Gareth take you on a tour of his favourite part of the factory to find out more about how we’re reducing emissions.

Francis and Anthony
Community with Frances and Anthony

Frances and Anthony are coffee superfans. Not only do they love the factory after decades of experience working there, but they love the community created around it. Still living in the village, we invited them back to talk to us about what Nestlé and Nescafé means to them after all these years. And they didn’t disappoint… who knew that wheelbarrow races were such were a big thing!