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Supply Chain & Procurement at Nestlé

Supply chain professionals at Nestlé play a critical role in ensuring quality products reach our customers and consumers. To achieve this, we collaborate with the commercial teams to develop the demand forecast, and with our suppliers around the world to ensure responsibly sourced materials.

Supply chain professionals can take many different paths in building a rewarding career at Nestlé. Whether you join us in Demand and Supply planning, Procurement, Physical Logistics or Customer service, you’ll help us gain a real competitive edge by bringing us closer to our customers and making sure our products are available at the right time in the best condition.

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Broad Career Opportunities

Nestlé’s size means we can offer a broad range of career development opportunities. Wherever you want to take your career, we’ll help you get there!

Whether you wish to travel between markets, work across functions, experience different categories or develop specialist skills we have a career path for you!

Supply chain offers a huge variety of roles, whether you are keen to be customer facing or more logistics focussed, ensuring supply of our products takes on many forms to suit what you are looking for.

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Project Opportunities

If planning and executing projects is your desire, Nestle can offer you countless opportunities to pursue this. Whether you are passionate about sustainability or looking at ways to continuously improve efficiency within our logistics networks, you will be supported every step of the way.

We adopt a culture of continuous improvement and in Supply Chain, evolution is vital to making sure we never disappoint when it comes to ensuring supply of our household brands!

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Who/What are we looking for?

Our company’s purpose and values are rooted in respect: respect for ourselves, for each other, respect for diversity and respect for the future. Within our engineering teams, we are constantly looking for new ways to hire and retain diverse talent. To find out more about how we make Nestlé such an inclusive organisation click here (link to D&I page)

Delivering on our Nestlé commitments means that everything we do is to ensure we are working towards enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for individuals, families, our communities and the planet.

Appetite to innovate and drive change is at the heart of everything we do which is why we look for engineers from a wide range of backgrounds, industries and companies, not limited to the FMCG space.