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Studies show that more than 80% of us don't eat enough whole grains and vegetables1 - important sources of fibre, healthy fats, antioxidants and a range of vital nutrients.

With the recommended fibre intake for adults sitting at 30g per day, choosing breakfast cereals containing whole grain is a great way to increase fibre intake2.  

As a major manufacturer of breakfast cereals, through Cereal Partners UK, we are in a position to use our products and influence to help consumers eat more whole grain foods, for a healthier, more balanced diet.

We have made whole grain the #1 ingredient in all our green banner breakfast cereals

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Grains come full of fibre and never fail to make an amazing combination with milk. Every grain grows whole grain, but a grain is only whole grain if it has all three natural parts intact - this includes the bran, the starchy centre and the core. Whole grains are recognised as an important part of a healthy diet3.

We have made whole grain the number one ingredient in all of our cereals with the whole grain green banner on our packaging. It’s that simple!

1Mann KD, Pearce MS, McKevith B et al (2014) Whole grain intake and its association with intakes of other foods, nutrients and markers of health in the National Diet and Nutrition Survey rolling programme. Br J Nutr. 113(10):1595-1602.

3Whole Grains Council:

Being guided by evidence, we invested heavily in our factories and in research and development to learn to:

  • deal with the unique challenges of processing whole grains
  • substitute sugar with whole grains while maintaining taste and flavour.

More than simply taking sugar out of our cereals, we are always looking for other ways to improve them too:

  • The green banner on a box of our breakfast cereal means whole grain is the number one ingredient – with at least 8 grams of it in each serving.
  • Since 2010, we’ve increased the amount of whole grain in our cereals by 1,700 tonnes.
  • All of our cereals are free from artificial flavours and colours.
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All of our Nestlé cereals sold in the UK and Ireland carry the UK Government's voluntary, colour-coded front of pack labelling scheme. We have also introduced clear portion guidance that differentiates between adult and child portions. We believe these changes will help consumers make more informed choices.