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We have worked together with the WildHearts Foundation since 2019, running its Micro-Tyco programme for our apprentices and graduates. We also buy all of our office supplies through WildHearts Office, which funds initiatives addressing social mobility, gender equality, education and health.

We have worked together on a variety of projects that are helping to create global social change. Through the Micro-Tyco programme, we have been able to help transform more than 600 lives.

What is Micro-Tyco?

An entrepreneurial training programme that fosters creative thinking, resourcefulness and team work. Micro-Tyco gives participants the opportunity to develop key skills at the same time as they come up with an initiative that can make a real difference to their community and beyond.

The programme operates in schools, universities and corporate bodies enabling participants to practice fundamental business behaviours in a safe, ‘micro’ environment.

Nestlé's apprentices and graduates taking part come up with initiatives linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They can make a real difference to our communities and beyond.