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Clear and factual nutritional information helps us make informed decisions about the food and drink we want to buy. Consistent front-of-pack labelling familiarises us with label formats. This makes it more likely that we'll use the information to make healthier choices.

That's why we are supportive of mandatory labelling systems which provide a consistent and informative overview of the nutrition of a product. In Europe we support the roll out of Nutri-Score which we believe provides a helpful, informative at a glance overview of the overall nutrition of a product to consumers no matter where they shop.

In the UK we joined the government endorsed multiple traffic light system on front of pack back in 2013, which is shown on our wholly owned products as well as on our Nestlé Cereals sold in the UK to provide a consistent labelling approach to UK consumers.

We constantly strive to make the facts about the content of our products as easy to understand as possible – both on front and back of pack within the legal and regulatory frameworks. We also try to provide the information people need to determine the right portion size for them.

Portion size and guidance

Obesity is a growing problem around the world, and we know that portions have been getting bigger.

We want to help make eating the right amount of food easy and intuitive which is essential to being able to maintain a healthy diet. One way we can help achieve this is with clear guidance and messaging on our food and drink packaging.

We are supportive of initiatives that aim to bring consistency of labelling and portion guidance to industry and have worked with the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) on their recommendations for portion guidance and labelling.

Another way we can actively help consumers be mindful of portion sizes is through the design of our products and packaging, for example by dividing bars of chocolate into portion sizes.

Taking the initiative

The Nestlé Portion Guidance initiative helps make reasonable portions the easy choice for consumers. Developed with nutritionists, health authorities and other experts it recommends appropriate portions of our products. We're also working in partnership with others to develop messaging that helps consumers understand what is an appropriate portion size.

We've created guides to help you find the right cereal portion size

Cereal banner

  • We always recommend fruit and additional protein for a 'balanced breakfast'.
  • On balance it is recommended that kids eat 25-30g and adults eat 30g-45g of cereal but needs will vary based on age and level of activity.

All things in moderation

To help consumers enjoy our confectionery in moderation, we offer different formats for different occasions.

Good things come in small packages

Milkybar Kid bar, a small single portion chocolate treat at 65kcal per bar. Milk is the number one ingredient. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Know your serving

Many of our confectionery packs feature messaging to raise awareness of portion sizes. For example, our Smarties Sharing Block pack includes a Know your Servings roundel, letting consumers know that a serving is three pieces and reminding them that this is a sharing product to be enjoyed with others.


milkybar pack

Share the love

We've designed many of our products to be easily divided into portions and we provide on-pack serving recommendations, such as our 'Love to Share' messages on confectionery sold in pouch bags and sharing bags or blocks.