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An invitation to connect, share and develop solutions

The current global food system is complex and interrelated. World events impact how and what reaches our plates. At the same time, there's a growing problem with obesity and its effects on health while, others are going hungry.

It can't be business as usual. Stakeholders in the food system need to come together to find solutions to the challenges that face us and heal past harms.

At Nestlé, we know we can be part of the solution, but we don't have all the answers. We are already trialling new ways of working and set our aims and ambitions high. But we need to know how we can be most effective.

Most of all we want to hear from you. We want to know about other avenues and approaches we should be considering, learning from others who have expertise and insights.

Explore our thinking so far

Find out about the issues as we see them and some of the initiatives we are working on to overcome them. See also what other industry experts think may be potential solutions or innovations that can help.

The issues

men looking trucks

The food system challenge

With code red warnings on climate change, worries about hunger, obesity and growing inequalities, the food system needs to work better – for everyone. But how? And why is it so urgent?

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What is a regenerative food system?

Taking our cue from regenerative agriculture we need to look for ways that the food system can have a positive impact on the planet and on people's health and livelihoods.


Why do we need to change?

A new systemic approach is needed to create far-reaching solutions:

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Hear from the experts

We've sounded out some of the experts working with Nestlé for their personal views on health, regenerative agriculture and the future of food.

Vertical farms will play a bigger role in future.

I look at my land and it looks healthier now.

The food industry is at a crossroads. It's time to support a healthier food system.