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Black Magic

Image of Black Magic

Within our iconic and stylish black & red packaging lies an array of taste combinations just waiting to be discovered. The understated elegance of the Black Magic box makes it an indulgent, stylish gift to present to family, friends or loved ones. The chocolate experience makes it a present you’ll enjoy giving as well as receiving.

History of Black Magic

In the first advertising campaigns the chocolates were depicted as the definitive token of affection, suggesting that there is no better – or more romantic – gift that a man can give his loved one. The adverts showed beautifully dressed women reading or writing letters telling of their romantic encounters over a box of Black Magic. The 'letters' campaign lasted well into the 1950s and established Black Magic as a brand known for its luxury and indulgence.

Our range

Today Black Magic is a brand that wants to be re-discovered. Our classic selection has been created using only natural flavours and features a selection of caramels, wholenuts and fruit creams, wrapped in dark chocolate. Available in the range are small, medium and large box sizes.

Almond Crunch
Finely chopped almonds immersed in a truffle filling and wrapped in rich dark chocolate

Raspberry Heaven
A fruity burst of raspberry encased in delicious dark chocolate

Dreamy Fudge
Soft, creamy fudge enveloped in a dark chocolate coating

Whole Hazelnut Praline
A whole roasted hazelnut set in a heavenly praline, surrounded by a dark chocolate shell

Orange Sensation
Soft, tangy orange fondant draped in dark chocolate

Caramel Caress
Flowing golden caramel held in a dark chocolate shell.