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After Eight

Image of After Eight 

The perfect combination of luxurious mint fondant crafted with 100% natural peppermint oil, enrobed in rich dark chocolate, makes After Eight THE chocolate mint.

All After Eight products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Established in 1962, After Eight has long been renowned and loved for its delicious and distinctive thin chocolate mints.

Product Range

  • Classic Carton: wafer thin mints with the perfect balance of rich dark chocolate and cool creamy fondant, to create the finishing touch to any meal 
  • Collection: a selection of delicious dark and white mint chocolates to share with family and friends
  • Bitesize: Munchable and moreish pieces of dark chocolate filled with a refreshing mint fondant centre, perfect for a treat.

After Eight Trivia

After Eight is recognised as the leading mint chocolate brand. Out of every two mint chocolates savoured, one is After Eight (IRI UK value sales data; 52 w/e 25th February 2012).

The After Eight logo was originally based on an antique baroque, silver clock which appeared in the early after eight television adverts.

After Eight has been advertised on TV since 1963. After Eight mints for the UK are produced in West Yorkshire.

Visit After Eight website and After Eight Facebook.