Renewing our commitment to recycling this Global Recycling Day

Recycle day

Nestlé UK & Ireland is supporting Global Recycling Day 2021 by renewing its recycling commitment.

By 2025, Nestlé has an ambition to have 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable and is making steady progress in making this a reality; this year having already announced Smarties paper packaging and bio-based lids in nutrition products for babies and children.

And on Global Recycling Day, Nestlé has announced it will use 100% recycled paper in its 6-sheet paper-based adverts, another step to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Group Packaging Manager at Nestlé UK & Ireland, Alison Bramfitt, said: “Global Recycling Day is a chance to reflect on our journey to reach our 2025 commitment. We can acknowledge we still have progress to make but realise how far we have come. The issue of packaging waste is one that we all have a role to play in tackling and recycling is a critical part. We are working hard to ensure all our packaging is recyclable or reusable, collaborating to boost recycling, while increasing the recycled content of our packaging, driving circularity. 

“As we look towards 2025, we will continue to collaborate with the supply chain, with an ambition to create a waste free future. After the pandemic, as we move towards a green recovery, packaging will shift back into focus to become more important than ever.”

Take a look at Alison’s blog where she talks about why recycling both at Nestlé and in the UK is vitally important as we face into the climate emergency.