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Good things come in paper packages! Smarties switch to recyclable paper packaging

smarties i'm paper packs

You may notice something different next time you buy a Smarties sharing bag or multipack – they now come carefully wrapped in paper!

Smarties is the first global confectionery brand to move all its products to paper – a switch which will remove approximately 250 million plastic packs sold worldwide every year. The rollout will be completed in the UK and Ireland by April this year.

The new range of paper packaging includes sharing bags, multipacks and giant hexatubes made from coated paper, paper labels or carton board, all produced from sustainably sourced and recyclable material.

There’s more good news for Smarties fans too! The launch of the Smarties sharing block in a recyclable paper wrapper last year was an important step forward in making the packaging changes. Now Smarties blocks are being relaunched with a brand new, playful mould and three delicious flavours.

Available in milk chocolate and white chocolate featuring mini Smarties; and in orange flavoured chocolate featuring orange mini Smarties, the blocks will be available next month from supermarkets and convenience stores. The white chocolate block will only be available in ASDA stores.

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