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Rebecca Marshall, Assistant Brand Manager


I’m currently working as the Assistant Brand Manager for Nescafé Azera and I love it! I am extremely lucky to have joined the Nestlé team through the marketing graduate scheme over 2.5 years ago where I’ve received a huge amount of personal and professional development through the Nestlé Academy.

Teams that are gender, age and ethnically diverse make better decisions 87% of the time. This statistic always stands out to me as an obvious reason why businesses should care about striving for balanced teams. We know that balanced teams make better business decisions, and we know that this translates in to business results. From a cultural point of view, we also know balanced teams are linked to individuals feeling valued and create a sense of belonging which is critical to engagement.

What can we do personally to make a difference so everyone feels valued and included?

Little shifts in behaviour can make a big difference. There are my top 3 areas that I personally focus on:

Recognise big and small contributions and successes from your colleagues on an ongoing basis. Something as small as letting your colleague know how much you valued their input in a meeting, or recognising their effort on a project can make a significant impact on their day. Doing this consistently over time helps everyone feel like their contribution and effort is valued.

Make a conscious effort to get to know each other as people. Shift from mundane every day conversations and be more purposeful & intentional with every day conversations, try to not just ask everyone ‘how are you?’ without waiting for the answer, instead ask and answer with meaning. You’d be surprised how being more intentional and honest in these situations can really shift the dial in terms of building rapport and meaningful relationships with those you work with.

Celebrate our differences! Be this different cultural events or holidays.. be aware of what impact these might have on your colleagues and celebrate these events with them!

Who has inspired you either personally or professionally and why?

From a professional point of view Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook), is and must be an inspiration to all who are looking to progress in the world of business. As a young woman with high aspirations for herself, I look at her business success, unrelenting focus on empowering other women in the world of business, and effort on nurturing a healthy family life and can’t help to feel inspired by the balance she’s been able to achieve.