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Rise Up to the occasion: NESCAFÉ Azera and Perky Blenders launch a new premium craft coffee

Perky Blenders
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NESCAFÉ Azera has partnered with family run London based coffee roastery, Perky Blenders, to create a brand new premium craft coffee in instant format.

Following the successful launch of the UK's first instant craft coffee in 2021, where NESCAFÉ Azera collaborated with Manchester based independent roaster Grindsmith, NESCAFÉ Azera is now heading to Leytonstone, East London with the second in their series of independent craft coffee collaborations.

Craft coffee shops have become incredibly popular in recent years, and with an increasing number of people working from home, coffee lovers are looking for ways to upgrade their coffee experiences without leaving the house. NESCAFÉ Azera's newly developed Rise Up blend does just that, inviting us to once again rethink what we know of instant coffee.

The blend is made using high quality coffee beans from the Djimmah and Sidamo regions in Ethiopia to create a juicy, fruity blend that is set to be the perfect addition to your morning routine.

Through this distinctive partnership, NESCAFÉ Azera and Perky Blenders have combined the worlds of instant and craft, to develop instant coffee with the high quality you would expect from your local coffee shop. Coffee must score above 80/100 on the Speciality Coffee Association scale to be regarded by the industry as a speciality craft coffee. The NESCAFÉ Azera Perky Blenders Craft Coffee scored 80/100.

Lucy Gardner, Senior Brand Manager at NESCAFÉ, said: "We know how good Perky Blenders' premium craft coffee is, and we are delighted to have partnered with them for our second independent craft coffee collaboration to create a high quality blend.

"With many people continuing to work from home but still wanting a premium coffee experience, our new craft offering is more than ready to Rise Up to the challenge."

Adam Cozens, co-founder of Perky Blenders, simply describes NESCAFÉ Azera's new Rise Up blend as "banging coffee, instant enjoyment."

NESCAFÉ Azera Craft Coffee is available in a 75g tin from Tesco this week, with all major retailers to follow later in 2022.