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Andie and Ava's tube feeding journey


Tube feeding is more than the incredible science and the healthcare professionals who work with patients and their caregivers. It's about those whose lives are transformed by it.

Meet Andie and her daughter Ava, who is tube-fed due to her cerebral palsy.

Andie Joy has shared the story of her seven-year-old daughter, Ava, who has a gastronomy tube fitted so food can travel safely and directly into her stomach. Andie and Ava feature in three films which show an insight into their everyday lives while following a tube fed 'blended diet'.

Andie talks honestly about their experience and hopes the films will help others to make informed decisions about tube feeding.

Episode 1:

In the first episode, we get to know Andie, Ava and their dog, Nelly. Andie shares the highs and lows of giving Ava a blended diet, and we explore the countryside at their local park in Keighley, Yorkshire. Follow more of Andie and Ava’s journey by watching Episode 2.

Episode 2:

In the next episode, Andie embarks upon an empowering, reflective and extensive mind-mapping journey to better understand Ava’s digestion and relationship with food. We see the impact of challenging routine and exploring her options to be more spontaneous. Watch Episode 3 for the final part of Andie and Ava’s video journey.

Episode 3:

In the final episode, we join Andie and Ava after two months of bridge feeding. A poignant conclusion to the video series, we sense the emotional benefits to life on a blended diet. Andie hopes her story will inspire parents and caregivers on their own tube feeding journeys.

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