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The Nestlé Academy application process is designed to find out if you have the strengths and values we’re looking for at Nestlé. We want to know that you’ll feel at home here and get the outcome you want from your time with the Academy.

Before you apply, make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re getting yourself into—do your research and, most importantly, be yourself. Because, more than anything else, we’re looking for individuals who can make a genuine contribution to the diversity of opinion, personality and perspective that is the source of our innovation.

Competition for places on all our programmes is high. We’ll be looking for your interest in our business, our industry, and, in particular, your passion for the specific programme you’ve applied for. We want to see you’ve got a clear idea where your career is heading—that’s why you can only apply for one scheme per year. So you need to make it count.

If your application is progressed, you’ll go through a number of different strengths-based assessments designed to determine your suitability for the scheme and for our business.

To apply for one of our Academy programmes, you’ll need to answer a few eligibility questions. If you meet our criteria you will progress to our short application questionnaire.

On our short application form you’ll tell us a bit about yourself, and state your contact details and qualifications. Thousands of people apply to our Academy schemes every year—submit your application as soon as you can to maximise your chances.

Following the submission of your application form, you’ll answer some demographic questions before starting your online assessment. Your responses to these questions will let us know about any special requirements you might have, and they’re a useful measure of how well we’re meeting our diversity and inclusion commitments. You will then complete our Online Assessment.

Our user-friendly digital assessment is designed to give applicants an immersive experience of what it’s like to work at Nestlé, and to monitor your behaviour in a range of situations. We may ask you to:

  • Place responses to a given scenario in order, from the least to the most likely course of action you would take.
  • Select the most appropriate response to a question or scenario from those provided.
  • Indicate on a scale where you would place your actions or views.

Your responses will help us determine whether you’d enjoy working at Nestlé and if you have the overall strengths and attitudes required to succeed here. That’s why honesty is so important.

Please visit the Cappfinity Preparation Hub for guidance on how to best prepare for your assessment and to complete some practice assessments:

Please be sure that you complete the Online Assessment by the closing date on our website In addition you can also access the Nestlé Virtual Experience and Evaluation platform (VEE). This is a freely available online resource that helps any user to learn more about themselves in relation to the world of work, to develop and build their skills and strengths through online interactive development activities:

Log in (

After your Online Assessment, you may be invited to complete our Job Simulation. This is an exciting digital assessment that gives you even more insight into the role you’ve applied for by simulating real life scenarios and providing information to read, watch and listen. You’ll complete tasks that replicate key aspects of the role, and we’ll monitor your responses and ask questions to understand the action you took. This may also involve recording a video response and completing written responses for us to review.

The next stage of the Academy recruitment process is the Assessment Centre. This will be held either virtually or at one of our Nestlé sites, and will be a half- or full-day event. You will be assessed in a series of exercises that measure your natural strengths. This is your opportunity to show us what you’re made of—so be prepared and always be yourself.

Your Assessment Centres could include some of these activities:

Interview – You’ll be asked a number of motivational and strengths-based questions. Be ready to give full answer to the questions with examples and plenty of enthusiasm. We’re looking for your understanding of Nestlé values and your passion for the role you’ve applied for.

Challenge – On the day of your Assessment Centre you will be given a brief and asked to prepare a number of solutions for assessment by a manager.

Further information about every stage of the process will be provided as you progress through the application process.

All employment offers are subject to the satisfactory completion of our pre-employment screening process. This includes checks relating to your employment history, gap verification and confirmation of your identity. For certain roles additional checks may be required. If this is the case, the Talent Acquisition team will notify you during the application process.