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What type of morning person are you?

New Nescafé Original summer campaign pokes fun at nation’s morning moods
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Nescafé Original, the UK's favourite coffee, has launched a multi-channel integrated seasonal campaign making light of the Nation’s different morning personality types. Using consumer conversations and research, the Nescafé team identified 6 different morning traits that many people will instantly recognise in either themselves, their friends or their colleagues.

Do you recognise?

The A.M. Athlete – You know the ones. Gym? Already completed it. The only just-dessert you get is when you find out their fitness watch malfunctioned the same morning they manage their all-time 5k record. Unlucky!

The Early Hours Snoozer – Getting out of the wrong side of bed is an impossibility for The Early Hours Snoozer. That’s because after snoozing their alarm for the 16th time, their partner eventually pushes them out of it.

The Sunrise Chatterbox – This person has such an unnaturally large number of topics for this time of day that they’d probably be better off running their own TV talk show.

The Morning Zombie – ‘Human’ won’t be this person’s first language until at least noon.

The Pre-Noon Grouch – Do them a favour and don’t go asking for any favours. Even though they’re yet to blossom into an upbeat butterfly of an afternoon person, morning really isn’t their thing.

The Morning Rusher – The key left in the door, the toothpaste cap left off, the tap left on. All symptomatic of the Morning Rusher.

Annika Adler, Senior Brand Manager for Nescafé Original said “We all know at least one of these morning personalities, that’s what makes this so much fun. We hope our campaign will provoke fun conversations in the office kitchen, cheeky nudges at friends and family online, and hopefully make mornings a bit more fun.”

Each of the morning personality types will come to life and be celebrated on UK television every morning with a Channel 4 Breakfast spot, which runs until September. The humorous films, made especially for the campaign, will run between advert breaks on all Channel 4 Breakfast programming.

In June and July, a partnership with Buzzfeed UK will explore the UK’s morning personalities further with irreverent debates and a humorous quiz which will determine what type of morning personality each reader is.

On Twitter the cheeky campaign and quiz will be signposted to a UK audience, encouraging users to share their own morning personality with friends and family.

In store, a series of 6 limited edition Nescafé Original jars, each one featuring a morning personality will hit the shelves and 116 Tesco stores across the UK will host Nescafé Original experiential days, celebrating the morning personalities and giving away free personality branded coffee mugs.

Discover more about the campaign and NESCAFÉ Original at

Earlier this year, Nescafé Azera Nitro was announced, two flavours of coffee in nitrogen infused cans. Nescafé Azera Nitro Americano and Nescafé Azera Nitro Latte are now available from your local chiller aisle.




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