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EGGS-ACTLY THE WAY THEY WERE IN 80s - Nestlé’s new retro Easter egg range hit the shelves

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For the very first time Nestlé is offering chocolate-lovers some nostalgia-filled fun by re-launching a selection of Easter Eggs which replicate some of its classic packaging from the last century. Turning its best-loved treats retro, Nestlé Confectionery is bringing its ROLO®, YORKIE® and SMARTIES® eggs back to shop shelves in their iconic packaging from 1989 and 1990 respectively.

Harking back to an era when New Kids on the Block and Vanilla Ice were flying high in the charts, Top of the Pops was still on the box and Timmy Mallet was cool, the Easter gifts are an ‘eggs-act’ replica of how they were twenty years ago. The classic styles not only appeal to those who remembered the eggs this way the first time round, but also those who appreciate all things cool from a past era.

The SMARTIES® retro egg uses the classic brown and white branding and comes with an ‘old-school’ mug, whilst the ROLO® retro egg comes with the iconic individually foiled ‘last ROLO®’ and is just as it was when it was first launched back in 1989. The YORKIE® egg is also back and packaged within its very own cardboard truck. A favourite with boys back in the late 1980s, it is now available exclusively in Tesco stores. Furthermore, all packs are made from easy-to-recycle cardboard.

Andy McQuade, Brand Manager at Nestlé Confectionery says, ““Easter is a time of year where we love to share gifts, particularly of the chocolate variety. The 80s may not have done much for us in the fashion stakes, but they did give us some fun Easter eggs. That’s why this year we’ve made replicas of some of the nation’s favourite eggs so consumers can give them to their favourite people in time for Easter”.

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Notes to Editors

The range from Nestlé Confectionery:

  • SMARTIES® Mug Egg – RRP: £5.49
  • Last ROLO® Egg – RRP: £5.49
  • YORKIE® Truck Egg – RRP: £5.49 and available exclusively to Tesco

About Nestlé:

  • Since 2008 Nestlé has replaced the plastic filaments in 90% of the eggs it sells with ones made from card, making the packaging easier to recycle. Over 700 tonnes of packaging has been saved through reductions in Easter egg packaging.