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Quality news - Toffee Deluxe is back in time for Christmas

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The Toffee Deluxe is making a triumphant return to Nestlé’s QUALITY STREET assortment after a 12 month absence.

The sweet, which features luxurious toffee wrapped in delicious milk chocolate, will be returning to QUALITY STREET tubs and tins this Christmas having been replaced last summer when the Honeycomb Crunch was introduced as part of QUALITY STREET’S 80th birthday celebrations.

Last September’s announcement that Toffee Deluxe was to be replaced in the main selection sparked a huge reaction online as the people of the UK flocked to social media to express a range of delight, horror and sheer ambivalence at the news.

Fans of the Honeycomb Crunch should not despair, however, as the newest sweet will also stay in tubs, tins and all other packs of the assortment. That means a happy Christmas for everyone in the family, regardless of their favourite QUALITY STREET sweet. This is the first time that QUALITY STREET has featured more than 12 individual sweets for a number of years.

Jonathan Smith, Senior Brand Manager for QUALITY STREET said:

“The reaction to Honeycomb Crunch replacing Toffee Deluxe last year was incredible and, although a lot the comments were tongue in cheek, it was obvious that there is still a great deal of fondness for the Toffee Deluxe out there.

“QUALITY STREET is a brand that is all about bringing families and friends together through the love of each person’s individual favourite sweet so we are delighted to be keeping both sweets in the assortment and giving consumers even more choice, moving from 12 to 13 different sweets overall.

“We are also delighted to offer traditional QUALITY STREET tins, in three larger sizes, alongside our main 750g tub. The tubs are the same weight as last year and are the heaviest mainstream Christmas tubs on the market at a time when similar products are reducing in size across the board.”

The QUALITY STREET range is reviewed and refreshed each Christmas season and, this year, features a 750g tub alongside larger tins at 900g, 1.2kg and 1.5kg. As well as a mini 240g tin, 500g pouch and 600g jar there are three carton options made up of the main selection, Toffees and Fudge and Fruit Cremes. Fans of The Purple One or Strawberry Delight can buy single sweet packs of their favourites in wrappers designed to look like giant versions of the individual sweet.


The first signs of Christmas will appear on Monday 6th November with a revamped QUALITY STREET TV ad airing nationwide that evening and bringing with it an extra surprise for lovers of QUALITY STREET.

QUALITY STREET was first introduced in 1936 in Halifax, West Yorkshire by Harold Mackintosh. Harold was the son of John and Violet Mackintosh who created the Toffee Deluxe as a standalone product earlier in the 20th century.

Named after the J M Barrie play, QUALITY STREET is still manufactured in Halifax to this day and the Nestlé factory produces more than 10 million sweets every single day in the run up to Christmas.



Notes to Editors:

  • The 2017 Quality Street range consists of:
    o Tub – 750g
    o Tin – £1.2kg – available at all major retailers
    o Tin - £1.5kg – exclusive to ASDA
    o Tin - 900g – exclusive to Tesco
    o Carton - 265g
    o Carton - Toffees & Fudge - 265g
    o Carton - Fruit Cremes - 265g
    o Purely Purple Ones – 350g - just Purple Ones
    o Simply Strawberry Delights - 385g – just Strawberry Delights
    o Mini Tin – 240g
    o Pouch – 500g
    o Jar – 600g
  • Toffee Deluxe never disappeared completely from the QUALITY STREET range and has been available as part of the QUALITY STREET Toffees and Fudge carton throughout its absence from the main assortment.