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Nestlé Ireland becomes first food supplier to pay for FoodCloud Hubs service

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nestle partners food cloud

FoodCloud Hubs and Nestlé Ireland today announced a new partnership where Nestlé will provide all its surplus food and will become the first food supplier to make a financial contribution to FoodCloud Hubs for its surplus food redistribution.

Nestlé Ireland has committed to dedicate all of its surplus stock across its comprehensive category range to benefit FoodCloud Hub’s charity partners. The company will provide a per pallet financial contribution to cover the costs to manage, store and redistribute any unforeseen food surplus, ensuring that it feeds people first and no food goes to landfill.

The move, a first for an Irish food supplier – creates a new sustainable income stream for the social enterprise – paving the way for other food industry partners to follow suit.

Social enterprise is a business model that is very often not fully understood. The model puts people and community first, ahead of private or personal gain, while operating in a commercially viable and sustainable way. Surpluses generated by the enterprise are reinvested to further their social objectives and drive greater impact.

Speaking at the launch, Andrew Shaw, Country Manager, Nestlé Ireland, said Nestlé is proud to support FoodCloud who have an innovative model on reducing food waste.

“We operate a robust and rigorous supply chain system that is designed to reduce surplus stock however, surplus stock does occur from time to time. Rather than having perfectly good food go to landfill our products will go to people who will benefit from it. It is also in keeping with our global ambition of achieving zero waste for disposal by 2020, and our commitment to halving food waste by 2030.”

“FoodCloud Hubs operates a superb philanthropic service – they are helping us and we are helping them. It makes sense and financially supporting them helps ensure that FoodCloud Hubs exists into the future to continue growing its impact in reducing food waste and supporting local communities,” Mr Shaw concludes.

Aoibheann O’Brien, CEO at FoodCloud Hubs, states Nestlé’s financial contribution is a crucial milestone for FoodCloud Hubs.

“Nestlé’s commitment to making a per pallet contribution is a monumental step towards FoodCloud hubs creating a sustainable income stream to cover our day-to-day administration and operating costs. We are delighted that our partner Nestlé Ireland is paving the way for us to enlist other food businesses towards a contribution model in the future. This will help us to expand our impact, rescue more surplus food and work with more charities across the country.”

Nestlé potential surplus stock will include coffee, confectionery and cereals. Local charities and community groups such as Respond Family Hub and Guild of the Little Flower are just two of the many charities who have thus far benefited from its stock donations via FoodCloud Hubs.