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Nestlé Ireland achieves Investors in Diversity Silver accreditation

investors in diversity silver accreditation
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Staff at Nestlé Ireland have become one of the first companies in Ireland to be awarded the Investors in Diversity Silver accreditation from the Irish Centre for Diversity. The Irish Centre for Diversity works in partnership with organisations across Ireland​ to help them embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in all they do and to transform the workplace environment into one which is equitable and inclusive.

The requirements for this achievement looks beyond company policies and procedures, and at the character of the organisation and the principles of its staff as well as behaviours, conduct, attitudes and beliefs.

The accreditation is provide following assessed of a organisations statements in relation to EDI in their workplace. It covers areas such as the leadership team’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) approaches, respect and trust, as well as specific initiatives introduced by the organisation to promote inclusion and diversity across the workplace.

According to Andrew Shaw, County Manager, Nestlé Ireland: “It is a tremendous accolade to receive for our all our people who embraced Diversity & Inclusion in their everyday roles and engagement with others in the business. It has been a people led empowerment which has translated into our company adopting new policies and ensuring our language, attitude and respect for all cross every part of our business from our policies through to our events and activities,” he says.

The entire Citywest office are proud to kick off 2019 with great news of this achievement, which will run from January 2019 and is valid for 24 months.