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Nestlé UK signs new nutrition labelling pledge

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Nestlé UK & Ireland have today announced it will adopt a new nutrition labelling scheme, the latest food pledge in the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal.

The new scheme has been created by the Department of Health, working with health organisations, retailers and manufacturers, to provide UK shoppers with consistent nutrition labelling.  The scheme combines Guideline Daily Amount information, which Nestlé UK & Ireland already displays on most of its labels, with an at-a-glance colour coding system.

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Nestlé is committed to providing consumers with the nutrition information they need to make informed choices.   In 2005, we were the first confectionery company in the UK to display calorie information on the front of all of its products.  In 2006, we added full Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) information across the majority of Nestlé UK & Ireland product range.

Fiona Kendrick, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé UK & Ireland said: “We have supported the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal since its launch in 2011. We are adopting the new labelling scheme in the UK as we recognise its importance to the public health agenda.  Providing consumers with consistency in front of pack labelling is central to them using this information.  We look forward to working with the Department of Health and other stakeholders to make it easier for shoppers to choose foods and beverages to create a healthy, balanced diet.”

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Note to Editors:
Adoption of the scheme covers all Nestlé fully owned businesses in the UK, including:
- Nestlé Confectionery (all multipacks, sharing bags and chocolate blocks);
- Beverages (Nescafé Coffee Mixes, Nesquik, Aero Hot Choc and Coffee-mate);
- Food (Carnation Milks, Maggi retail, Herta);
- Nestlé Professional (beverages (not including vending), soups, sauces and  bouillons and relevant food products including Maggi and Herta products);
- Licensees (cakes, cookies and ice creams will move to the hybrid where 5GDA icons are currently  applied);
- Nestlé Nutrition UK, Nestlé Health Science, Nestlé Waters mostly out of scope and under different regulator