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Nestlé forms part of business-led initiative to unlock the careers available using maths and science

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Today, as part of the Government’s Your Life campaign, Nestlé UK will form part of the campaign’s Corporate Advisory Board to unlock the careers available in the food and drink industry by studying science and maths.

The Government’s Your Life campaign aims to raise participation in science and maths A levels by 50 per cent in three years and will raise awareness of the career opportunities created by studying science and maths subjects. It will also aim to promote positive role models in industry, create mentoring programmes for young people and work placement opportunities with leading businesses.

As part of the campaign, the Corporate Advisory Board will ensure all activity directly relates to the UK’s real recruitment needs.

Food and drink, the UK's largest manufacturing sector, employs up to 400,000 people. However, an ageing workforce means that by 2020 food and drink businesses will need to recruit 170,300 individuals. With 20% of food and drink businesses reporting skills gaps, particularly in science and engineering roles, there is a clear need to attract highly skilled, talented individuals to meet future demand.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said:
"Developing the best schools and skills is a key part of our long-term economic plan to secure Britain's future, and the skills taught by subjects like maths and science are some of those most valued by employers and universities. That's why I am pleased to support the Your Life campaign to encourage more young people, and especially girls, to study these subjects by showing the exciting opportunities they can bring.

"Our plan for education will ensure that all young people leave school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life in modern Britain. Increasing the focus on STEM subjects is a key part of this as it will empower girls and boys equally to leave school able to get a job and get on in life."

Edwina Dunn said:

"Most young people in the UK aspire to a career in business, but very few are being shown the right way to get there. In a changing world dominated by technology, it is the skills learned from studying mathematics and science that will matter most. Yet these are exactly the subjects that the vast majority of 16 year olds are turning away from – put off by the misconception that maths and science aren’t relevant to their future.

“The Your Life campaign has been created to change that image – to show that the mathematics and science students of today will be the CEOs of tomorrow."
Richard Martin, Nestlé’s Technical Director and Advisory Board member for the Your Life campaign, said:

“I am delighted to be part of the Government’s Your Life Corporate Advisory Board. There is a real need to highlight the exciting career opportunities in the Food and drink sector which are available to those with maths and science skills. Without a robust pipeline of skilled workers, we won’t be able to meet future growth.

“Unfortunately, most young people don’t know that their mathematical and scientific minds can be utilised in the exciting world of food and drink manufacturing. At Nestlé, we have a number of scientists, nutritionists and engineers that all use science and maths on a daily basis. I look forward to unlocking the potential of young people to help fill the skills gap.”

For further information, contact Nestlé Press Office: 020 8667 6005

Notes to Editors

  1. Nestlé UK and Ireland produces some of the UK’s best-loved products, which include Kit Kat, Nescafe, Rolos.
  2. The Government’s Your Life is a three-year campaign to ensure the UK has the mathematics and science skills it needs to succeed in the competitive global economy.  It looks to inspire young people to study maths and physics as a gateway into wide-ranging careers whilst also triggering employers to recruit and retain that talent. 
  3. Your Life is led by a board of directors chaired by Edwina Dunn, co-founder of dunnhumby and CEO of Starcount and including Martin McCourt, former CEO of Dyson and Ros Rivas, former CTO of Smith & Nephew.