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Nestlé’s Wyeth Nutrition Infant Formula Site Opens Unique Butterfly Meadow

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The first business in Ireland to create and open its own unique butterfly meadow was announced today. Nestlé’s Wyeth Nutrition Infant Formula plant in Askeaton, Co Limerick created a 1,800 square metre wild flower butterfly meadow, which it hopes will increase the number and varieties of native Irish butterflies in the area.

school pupils visit butterfly meadow in Askeaton

The newly established butterfly meadow was officially opened by 2nd and 5th class pupils from Askeaton National School. Butterflies are vital for our ecosystem but unfortunately Ireland’s butterfly population is facing particular tough conditions, the Nestlé’s Wyeth Infant Nutrition plant initiative aims to assist and improve the Irish butterfly population in the local area. Nestlé Ireland and UK has also committed in its ‘Creating Shared Value Plan’ to seek to provide a butterfly meadow at each of its sites and to play its positive role in each of its local environments. 
John O'Sullivan, Factory Manager, Nestlé’s Wyeth Nutrition said:

“Our butterfly meadow here at Askeaton is part of our overall sustainable strategy which includes reducing our environmental footprint and enhancing local biodiversity. I would like to thank all those involved in the establishment of the butterfly meadow including the local community, local school children and our external experts, Butterfly Conservation Ireland. Our plant is delighted to contribute to the overall Nestlé in Ireland ‘Creating Shared Value Plan’, which aims to establish butterfly meadows in all of our 15 sites. We look forward to recording new butterfly sightings in the local area over the coming years.”

Inder Poonaji, Head of Sustainability, Nestlé UK and Ireland said:

“Without nature, we don’t exist. Nature provides pollinators such as butterflies, bees and birds and they are integral to the food we grow. Their habitats are at risk which is why we are delighted that Wyeth Nutrition Askeaton has got involved in this initiative. By restoring the natural habitat of the area we will hopefully see an increase in indigenous species of butterflies in the local area.”

Nestlé’s Wyeth Nutrition Infant Formula plant at Askeaton, engages in a wide range of environmental sustainability activities that targets water use, energy, raw material procurement, biodiversity and waste; including Nestlé’s Wyeth Nutrition Infant Formula sites zero to waste policy.