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Nescafé refills reduces environmental impact

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Market leader NESCAFÉ® is starting to see environmental benefits of its new NESCAFÉ refill packs just months after launch.

The re-designed packs are made from a combination of aluminium-foil and plastic film to ensure the product reaches the consumer in a perfect state and is so compact that it uses 34% less packaging than our previous refill but still squeezes in 150g of great quality coffee.  It also need less water and energy to produce and manufacture.

Not only that but as they are more compact than the previous refills allowing Nestlé to double the volume of coffee on to a pallet therefore needing fewer pallets and fewer lorries to transport the same volume of coffee. It is expected that there will be a reduction of lorries by 50% and thereby reducing green house gas emissions by 35%. In addition, the NESCAFE compact refills are so compact, we can fit twice as many of these compact refills onto a pallet versus our previous refill. This means we’ll need 50% fewer lorries per tonne of coffee distributed. 

And it’s not only NESCAFE  that are reaping the benefits, the compact refills have better on shelf efficiency for retailers and are easier to carry and store for shoppers.

Kate Power, NESCAFÉ Sustainability Manager, said: “The idea behind the re-design of the packs supports the NESCAFÉ Plan which brings together Nestlé’s commitments which support responsible farming, responsible production and responsible consumption".

“We're really excited about this new step for the company as we head towards a more environmentally conscious future and are delighted our consumers are also seeing the benefits.”

Richard Swannell, Director of Design and Waste Prevention for WRAP, said:  “It is great to see that Nestlé’s new NESCAFÉ refill pack represents a major step forward in logistical efficiency allowing twice as many packs per pallet, reducing road journeys by 50%. It also uses less materials, carbon and water in comparison to the previous refill pack.”

The compact refills are available across the NESCAFÉ ORIGINAL, NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND,  NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND DECAFF and NESCAFÉ ALTA RICA brands


Editors note:
Launched in August 2010, the NESCAFÉ Plan is a global initiative for the entire NESCAFÉ brand, with commitments in three key areas– responsible farming, responsible production & supply and responsible consumption.  The plan aims to create value throughout the coffee supply chain, from farmers to consumers.  For more information and to see a short video on the work of the Nescafé Plan please visit

For further information please contact the Nestlé UK Press Office 020 8667 6005 / [email protected]