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Have a break, have a KitKat tea break!

Nestlé releases KitKat tea for the ultimate break experience
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kitkat tea for breaks

Well done to all those who spotted today’s date. Sadly, KitKat tea remains a distant fantasy for now but you can still enjoy an amazing break with the full KitKat range including KitKat Senses, KitKat with Ruby chocolate and our fabulous new KitKat Salted Caramel Fudge Incredible Easter egg, not forgetting the classic KitKat.



After four years of intense research, Nestlé has crafted the optimal blend of tea leaves for the perfect brew to accompany your KitKat break.

This unique KitKat Tea has been developed in the KitKat Teaology labs and comes in tea bags inspired by the signature KitKat range: 2 Finger, 4 Finger and KitKat Chunky to fit every break occasion:

  • Have a Chunky KitKat Tea for those with the ultimate thirst for a break.
  • Share a 4 Finger KitKat Tea with your friends and catch up over the nation’s new favourite type of tea!
  • Enjoy 2 Finger KitKat to yourself – sit back and relax!

There are specifically 6,745 and 1/5 tea leaves in every KitKat 2 Finger Tea bag.

The KitKat Tea leaves have been grown at the highest standards in the KitKat glasshouse located on the outskirts of Cornwall, from there they have been handpicked by KitKat Expert Teaologists.

researcher making kitkat tea

The KitKat 2 Finger Tea needs to be brewed for specifically 3 minutes and 47 seconds to generate the perfect strength and colour to match your KitKat break. Other KitKat Tea variants may have shorter or longer brewing times.

To ensure the leaves are heated enough to extract the perfect taste and aroma, the recommendation is to brew your tea with water boiled and then cooled to exactly 84.6 degrees Celcius.

KitKat Expert Teaologists are also working on an exciting range of different infusions that match a wide range of KitKat confectionery, including Orange, Mint and Salted Caramel Fudge.

KitKat’s Chief Teaologist, T Bagg, said: “We’re over the moon that after years of intense research we’re able to shout about our brand new KitKat Tea, specially designed to give you the best break of your life.

“It’s been a very exciting endeavour launching into the tea market and one we hope our KitKat fans welcome with open arms! We’re ready for a break now ourselves!”

KitKat fans are being introduced to this innovative new product in a video explaining the perfect way to make your KitKat Tea.

The KitKat Tea range is due to be on shelves everywhere later this month but initial consumer testing has already shown remarkable favourability for the product.


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