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KitKat infographic

‘A chocolate bar that a man could take to work in his pack up (packed lunch)‘ was the bright idea from a Rowntree’s employee which led to the creation of one of Britain’s best loved brands, KitKat, which was born 80 years ago this month.

Launched in 1935, KitKat, with its trademark red wrapper and chocolate fingers, has not just stood the test of time but it has never stopped moving with it.

From humble beginnings in Yorkshire, a mere £1,750 investment was all that was needed to launch KitKat, giving the start it needed to go on and become the global confectionery brand it is today.

Since that momentous day in 1935, KitKat has firmly established itself in British culture and continues to be one of the biggest global confectionery brands, with more than 17 billion KitKat fingers eaten across the globe each year, with KitKat bars sold in more countries than any other confectionery brand.

In the UK alone more than one billion KitKat products are eaten every year. Three million KitKats are made every day in York and about 564 KitKat fingers are consumed every single second. KitKat is now manufactured in 14 countries and sold in over 70 territories around the world from Algeria to Japan.

Andrew McIver, Managing Director of Nestlé Confectionery in the UK and Ireland, attributes the success of KitKat to the fact that it has stuck to its roots as well as its ability to move fast in the changing business environment:

“With a brand that’s 80 years young it’s important to celebrate reaching this milestone, but actually the most important thing is to plan for the future.  It is a great product with a great taste, as well as consistent brand qualities. Going digital has helped KitKat engage with its consumers in a more relevant way than ever before.”


For further information please contact the Nestlé Press Office on 0208 667 6005 or email [email protected]

Editor’s notes:

• YouTube – KitKat: breaking down your favourite break 

• The launch of the Cocoa Plan, Nestlé’s way of supporting cocoa farmers, their families and communities led to the introduction of Fairtrade certified four-finger KitKat and two-finger KitKat, a significant moment in the brand’s history. Learn more about the Nestlé Cocoa Plan

• In 2013 KitKat partnered with Google to launch Android KitKat and earlier this year launched a joint “YouTube my break” campaign

•  Historical KitKat images from our archive