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Some fin new for Smarties fans with new Mermaid edition

First it was unicorns, then llamas, now mermaids

mermaid edition smarties
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Nestlé has revealed the latest theme for its popular range of limited edition Smarties and this time the brand is going under the sea.

Smarties Mermaid Edition will hit shelves in Asda this week in a £1 sharing bag complete with a fish tail design on pack and Smarties in yellow and pink hues inside.

These special editions have proved hugely popular with Smarties fans and the mermaid themed edition follows hot on the heels of successful launches for Smarties Unicorn Edition and Smarties Llama Edition, the latter of which was introduced earlier this year.

Nestlé has also seen success with products made up of purely orange Smarties and seasonal editions like ‘Scaries’ for Halloween and an Easter egg version of the popular Unicorn variant.

Lucy Fawcett, Assistant Brand Manager for Smarties said: “We know how much people love these packs and, with mermaids being increasingly on trend, it was a no-brainer for this to be our next limited edition for Smarties.”

“Of course, it doesn’t matter at all if Mermaids aren’t your thing, it’s still the great taste of Smarties inside the pack.”

The varying colour schemes for each new Smarties edition have proved popular with bakers, Instagrammers and chocolate fans of all kinds and the sharing bags have consistently been one of the best sellers in Asda stores across the country.

Smarties Mermaid Edition is the latest in a busy year of new product launches for Nestlé confectionery.

In March, Nestlé introduced another new sharing bag in the form of Milkybar Mix Ups, a range of filled milk and white chocolate buttons marking the first time that milk chocolate has ever been used for the original Milkybar brand.

More recently, a raft of new choices were added to the Rowntree’s Randoms range including squish’ems, foamies and sours.

And in April, the Aero brand went premium with the launch of boxed Aero Bliss chocolates in three flavours including milk chocolate, salted caramel and praline.



Earlier this month Nestlé revealed a new technological breakthrough which means paper packaging can be used on a high speed, cold-seal flow wrap packaging line for the first time. YES! snack bars, including new flavours: Delicious Dark Choc, Banana & Pecan; Luscious Raspberry & Chia Seeds and Heavenly Pineapple & Coconut will be the first products to be wrapped in this new way.

The second half of 2019 promises to be just as exciting with new and innovative products, flavours and formats constantly being worked on by Nestlé’s sweet experts at its confectionery HQ in York.