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Discover the tangy twist: Rowntree's Randoms unveils Fizzy Cactuz!

An orange packet of sweets, with some colourful sweets sitting in front of it, and a cactus-shaped shadow behind it.
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New for 2024, Nestlé Confectionery is welcoming a fresh addition to the Rowntree’s Randoms family: Fizzy Cactuz! 

The sharing bag of mouth-watering Fizzy Cactuz sweets comes in zesty fruit flavours including raspberry, kiwi, passionfruit, and lime. The gummy sweets also keep Randoms fans on their toes as they come in two fun textures, with some cacti being deliciouzly gummy, and others with a juicy fruit filling that burst with each bite. 

Talking about the new launch, Hayley Nixon, Senior Brand Manager for Rowntree’s, said: “We are thrilled to introduce Randoms Fizzy Cactuz to our fans. Fizzy Cactuz represents our dedication to creating joyful and unexpected experiences. With each sweet’s unique taste and texture, we believe fans will love the randomness from the very first bite!”

Starting from this week, you can find Randoms Fizzy Cactuz on the shelves of Asda and Morrisons, with a nationwide rollout in supermarkets and convenience stores soon after. 

Fizzy Cactuz is not just about the taste: it’s about embracing the spirit of randomness in all aspects of life. Whether you’re hosting a spontaneous dance party, planning a picnic in the park, or simply looking to bring some randomness into your day, these fizzy sweets are perfect for creating moments of unexpected joy and laughter. 

In 2009, Randoms were born, bringing fruity randomness to the Rowntree’s family. Now Fizzy Cactuz will join the growing Randoms range, currently made up with the original Randoms and Randoms Juicers. 

Rowntree’s has been one of the UK and Ireland’s favourite confectionery brands for more than 140 years and continues to develop exciting products to cater to the confectionery market.