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Nestlé launches The Golden Collection, featuring new flavours of Aero, Milkybar, Munchies and Smarties

Nestlé introduces six new variations of some of the nation’s favourite confectionery, including Golden Honeycomb Aero and Munchies made with Caramac
An illustration of the new Golden Collection from Nestlé Confectionery, featuring each product from the range.
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•    Nestlé has taken some of its best-loved brands – Aero, Milkybar, Munchies, and Smarties – and given them a golden twist
•    The Golden Collection includes Aero Golden Honeycomb, Milkybar Gold, Munchies Gold made with Caramac, and Smarties Gold Buttons made with Caramac 
•    It’s time to discover the Golden Collection, starting at £1.25 and available now at retailers nationwide

Nestlé Confectionery today announces the Golden Collection – four of its best-loved brands – Aero, Munchies, Smarties and Milkybar - reimagined with a golden touch!
Leading the glittering line up is Aero, with two new products – Aero Golden Honeycomb Melts sharing bag (RRP £1.75) and Aero Golden Honeycomb Block (RRP £1.25). Both bag and block feature golden bubbles with a delicious honeycomb flavour for a bubbly yet indulgent treat to share.

Along with Aero, The Golden Collection includes the much-loved Munchies. The Munchies Gold Sharing Bag (RRP £1.75) sees the brand’s traditional centre of soft caramel and crispy biscuit shelled with ever-popular Caramac, creating a flavour combination that is bound to be a crowd-pleaser!

And the Caramac collaborations don’t stop there – Smarties Gold Buttons made with Caramac sharing bag (RRP £1.75) also join the Golden Collection line-up. These caramel flavour buttons filled with colourful mini Smarties are a winning combination of delicious chocolate and a satisfying crunch.

Milkybar has also received a golden makeover. Our classic creamy milk chocolate has been given a caramel flavour twist to create new Milkybar Gold Buttons sharing bag (RRP £1.75) and Milkybar Gold block (RRP £1.25).

Amy Bennett-Inge, Brand Manager said: “We’re beyond excited to introduce our Nestlé Confectionery Golden Collection! We’ve taken some of the flavours we know fans love best – caramel and honeycomb – and applied our chocolate-making wizardry to create new taste sensations.

“The Golden Collection features deliciously-flavoured products from four of our top sellers – Aero, Munchies, Smarties and Milkybar. We can’t wait for people to try them!”

Shoppers can pick up the Golden Collection in supermarkets and retailers nationwide now. Prices range from £1.25 to £1.75*, making these the perfect treats to share with those around you.