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Coffee lovers get to go ‘Behind the Beans’ with Nestlé's new corporate campaign

Photos on a desk featuring Nescafé staff next to a cup of coffee
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Nestlé UK and Ireland is today kicking off 'Nescafé Behind the Beans', a six-week corporate campaign with the aim to help build consumer trust and increase awareness of its expertise in coffee.  

As part of the campaign, Nestlé invites coffee lovers to go ‘behind the beans’ to get a taste for the brand’s rich UK heritage, manufacturing expertise and passion for quality and sustainability.  

The campaign will take consumers on a tour showcasing the Nescafé factory in Tutbury and people behind the brand, from the coffee-growers to the bean tasters, to its manufacturing experts and sustainability specialists who all share the same passion to deliver the perfect cup. 

Jasmine Bilham, Nescafé Senior Brand Manager at Nestlé UK and Ireland, said:  

“As a proud manufacturer of Nescafé, the nation’s favourite coffee, not only do we love this delicious drink, but we are also incredibly proud of the people who make it.  

“We’ve been making Nescafé in the UK at our factory in Tutbury since 1959. First built as a Nestlé milk factory in 1901, it’s been part of the community in this corner of Staffordshire for over 120 years.   

“We invite you to go ‘behind the beans’ with us and meet some of our factory team in Tutbury, have a sneak peek behind the scenes and learn more about our obsession with great coffee.” 

The campaign focuses on four main areas presented by the team at Nescafé factory in Tutbury: 


David Guest, Nescafé Production Manager, knows everything there is to know about the coffee manufacturing process from start to finish. David gives a whistlestop tour of the Tutbury factory in 60 seconds, with fascinating facts along the way, including getting suited and booted to go into the -50C arctic conditions of the Nescafé freeze drying plant. 


Jasmine McNaught, Technical Manager, has got some seriously super tastebuds and can tell which country a coffee bean comes from in one single sip. She and her team run the sensory room at the Nescafé factory in Tutbury testing the quality of Nescafé beans before they end up in jars. Kudos to Jas’s grandmother for inspiring Jas to make coffee her lifelong passion.  


People often don’t know that coffee literally powers coffee at Nescafé factory in Tutbury. The factory recycles the used coffee grounds (50,000 tonnes of them every year) to create steam to help power the factory. Nothing goes to waste, they clean and reuse much of the fresh water needed by the factory. Gareth gives a tour of his favourite part of the factory to find out more about how they are reducing impact on the environment. 


Frances and Anthony are coffee superfans. Not only do they love the factory after decades of experience working there, but they love the community created around it. Still living in the Tutbury village where Nescafé is made, they talk about what Nestlé and Nescafé means to them after all these years. And they didn’t disappoint… who knew that wheelbarrow races were such were a big thing!  

The videos featuring the team behind Nescafé are available on the new Behind the Beans campaign webpage.

The campaign will run between 23 October and 3 December across paid social media, organic, traditional media and internal comms.