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Bruno brings his human to work day

In a video released today, we take a different look at bring your dog to work day, showing a dog’s perspective of attending work. It features Bruno, a black Labrador as he brings his human to work and shows us around the Gatwick office, introducing us to some of his furry colleagues along the way. He shows us where dogs are and are not allowed in the office, and how he keeps his human in check.

Across the country, offices will be taking part in ‘Bring your dog to work day’ today, however, in five sites across Nestlé UK and Ireland it is bring your dog to work day everyday! In April, Nestlé House York joined as Nestlé’s fifth pet friendly office site in the UK & Ireland, with Gatwick and Dublin being successfully part of the scheme since 2015.

The benefits of having Pets at Work has previously shown a boost in employee morale, an increase in physical activity and in assisting to create a stimulating, interactive environment where people are happier and perform at their best. This is supported by a study released today by a Purina sponsorship program and conducted by researchers at the University of Lincoln (UK) dogs at work are shown to increase job satisfaction by 22%.

  • Is your workplace interested in becoming pet friendly? Purina, Nestlé’s pet food arm, has created a toolkit and has dedicated support available to help any company interested in becoming dog friendly. Further information can be found at