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Supporting social initiatives with Wild Hearts

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The importance of supporting social initiatives is bigger than ever, and organisations like Nestlé UK and Ireland are able to do so by partnering with companies such as Wild Hearts, who through their activities and profits, create global social change.

We have been partnering with Wild Hearts for 18 months, running their Micro Tyco program for our apprentices and graduates as well as sourcing all our office supplies, which funds initiatives that address topics including social mobility, gender equality, education and health; changing lives locally and globally.

But what is Micro Tyco?

Micro Tyco is an entrepreneurial training programme that enables young people to practice fundamental business behaviours in a safe, ‘micro’ environment. The program is run in schools, universities and corporate bodies, giving participants the opportunity to develop key skills whilst coming up with an initiative that can make a real difference to their community and beyond.

Find out more about Micro Tyco at Nestlé in the video below:

wildheards videopreview


The 2020 Nestlé Micro Tyco initiatives have been submitted and are now with the judges, so keep an eye out on our social media to discover which of this year’s teams will have their idea brought to life.