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An instant craft coffee that's back of the net!

Manchester City Women players team up for a special Nescafé Azera and Grindsmith tasting
Azera Making Coffee with Man City

The new season of the Women's Super League has just kicked off, and Manchester City Women are training hard for the fixtures ahead. This week however, three of the players found time in their busy schedules to take a breather and enjoy the fruits of a unique collaboration between Nescafé Azera and Manchester-based Grindsmith Coffee Roasters.

In candid clips, Janine Beckie, Kiera Walsh and Caroline Weir chat about how important coffee is in their daily lives, and how those moments bring them together socially. With a Grindsmith Barista on hand to create the perfect brews, Janine, Kiera and Caroline then try their hand at replicating the Nescafé Azera x Grindsmith coffee recipes – the Dalgona coffee and a Coffee Spritzer – themselves.

Earlier this year, Nescafé Azera and Grindsmith launched the UK's first craft instant coffee. Combining the worlds of craft and instant, this pioneering blend was developed using a blend of speciality Arabica coffee, including the rare Quindio bean from Colombia. Since its inception, Nescafé Azera Craft Instant Coffee has disrupted the instant coffee category like never before, attracting a new younger, creative and affluent shopper.


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