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Nestlé unveils the all-new Big Biscuit Box: a delicious assortment of KitKat and Friends

The Big Biscuit Box collection: KitKat 2F Orange, Blue Riband Milk, KitKat 2F Dark, Toffee Crisp Biscuit and KitKat 2F Milk
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Nestlé UK & Ireland is thrilled to announce the relaunch of the latest Big Biscuit Box. The bumper collection features 69 assorted bars from Nestlé’s delectable chocolate biscuit range.  

Each biscuit box will contain 21 KitKat 2 Finger Milk, nine KitKat 2 Finger Dark, nine KitKat 2 Finger Orange, 16 Blue Riband Milk and 14 Toffee Crisp biscuits and goes on sale on Amazon next week, shortly followed by wholesalers and other B2B retailers.  

The Big Biscuit Box offers a variety of Nestlé’s popular biscuits and includes a wider selection of KitKat 2 Finger products than ever before. It is ideal for those much-needed office coffee breaks, in meeting rooms to accompany a tea or coffee, as well as for hotels and B&Bs to share with guests. The individually wrapped bars are also packed in a slimline case making them easy to store.  

KitKat 2 Finger Brand Manager, Angelica De Los Rios Granja, said: “We’re pleased to unveil the latest edition of the Big Biscuit Box, now with even more choice of KitKat than ever before. It’s a great way for business owners to treat their guests to some of Britain’s favourite chocolate biscuit bars.”