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Frankfurters are the ultimate family meal: tasty, inexpensive and quick. They are smoked with natural beechwood which gives them the delicious and distinctive flavour that kids and adults love.

They’re so versatile – you can bake, grill, fry, microwave or even barbeque them. Frankfurters are a good source of protein and can be frozen for up to 3 months which makes them a great stand-by meal.


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In 1852 in Frankfurt, The German Butcher's Guild introduced a perfectly spiced and smoked sausage that was packed in a thin skin – surprisingly they called it a "frankfurter".

Continuing the naming theme, Herta comes from the German town of Herten, where Ludwig Schweisforth opened his first butchers shop in 1902. This local shop flourished and grew into a factory. In 1947 Herta as we know it was born.

We launched Frankfurters in the UK in 1988 and by 2000 we were selling over 150 million frankfurters in this country alone. We are now the UK’s No.1 frankfurter.