Our Dancing Town

Jan 31, 2017

A group of employees from Nestlé in York will, tonight, feature on prime time BBC2 as part of new documentary series: “Our Dancing Town.”

The programme sees West End choreographer Steve Elias travel across Yorkshire to learn about the heritage and identity of various communities before inspiring residents to come together in a large-scale dance performance.

The opening three episodes have followed Steve meeting the people of Barnsley, Skipton and Huddersfield and, beginning tonight, the final pair of episodes will focus on the city of York and history including its famous confectionery heritage.

Over the two episodes we’ll see Steve visit the factory where KitKat is made before meeting the Nestlé team responsible for dealing with consumer enquiries. A group of volunteers will then be seen rehearsing for a spectacular dance finale that brings back the other groups from across Yorkshire into one performance through the streets of York.

Lesley Lee, who heads up the consumer engagement services team and leads the Nestlé volunteers said: “It was an absolutely fantastic experience. We all had such a laugh learning the dance moves and being together as a team. We’ve been watching the series so far and messaging each other while it’s on so we’re looking forward to seeing our episodes albeit with a bit of trepidation about how we will come across!”

Steve Elias said: “My mission is to get the people of Yorkshire on their dancing feet. I genuinely believe dance can change lives. I want people to tell their stories and show us what makes them and their town special. When it comes to ability, we aren’t looking for perfection – the choreography is all about scale and impact. This really is dancing in the street – professionally choreographed and captured in one continuous and awe-inspiring shot.”

Our Dancing Town episode four airs tonight on BBC2 at 7:30pm before the series concludes next week at the same time with the final York performance.