Nestlé UK take Road Safety campaign into primary schools

Nestlé Logistics visit three York primary schools during their annual Road Safety Week campaign

Nov 11, 2015

More than 300 children from Headlands Primary, New Earswick Primary and Huntington Primary Academy were given the chance to get up close to a huge Nestlé truck and learn about road safety.

During the session, Nestlé employees brought learning to life by using model vehicles to recreate typical road scenes and to discuss with pupils the importance of checking blind spots. 

Graham Lyon, Supply Chain Safety Manager at Nestlé explained: “We took a remote control model of the real truck built by one of our own drivers to demonstrate how much space large trucks need to manoeuvre on the road, and the need for people to stay well back. We created a scaled down roadway in the hall so that the pupils could get a feel for the real life scenario. It’s a great opportunity to get the message across about road safety”.

The pupils also heard about Nestlé’s ‘Cycle Alert’ which is fitted to the truck and informs the driver if a cyclist is close to the vehicle. 

Mick Thompson, Nestlé Fleet Manager said: “The system has sensors around the truck that signals a warning to the driver in the cab if a cycle is close to the truck. If all trucks and cyclists had the sensors fitted it would make busy city streets much safer”.

Nestlé Road Safety Week is now in its 5th year. The campaign aims to boost children’s knowledge and awareness of road safety in a fun and interactive way.

Mrs Anne Forman of Huntington Primary Academy said: “It is always a pleasure to work with the team from Nestlé and this project very successfully develops the children’s knowledge of sustainability and safety in the community.”