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The complexity of the food system means that solutions to current issues require a consistent approach to make sure fixing a problem in one place won’t create further issues elsewhere. Adopting a regenerative approach offers a way of finding solutions that should provide benefits for everyone.


Looking at the food system holistically is essential because of its interconnectedness.

We know that the food system is currently facing many challenges from feeding a growing population to dealing with the impacts of climate change and geopolitical issues that threaten food security.

So how can the food industry begin to tackle these issues? How can we find ways of solving problems and making changes that have a net positive impact for everyone? It needs a combination of three things:

What does this mean for Nestlé?

We are already taking a regenerative approach at Nestlé. We have sought to build our business approach on decisions that are not just good for us and our shareholders, but for society and the planet as well.

We are looking at ways that we can enhance our own business practices to make them more regenerative and at how we can support our suppliers and customers in their efforts too.

We are focusing on three core areas:

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We know that we don't have all the answers and that we need to collaborate with others in the food industry to achieve shared aims. We would love to hear your ideas about ways we can help play a full role in a regenerative food system.