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We all know the vital importance of water. Water is essential for every cell in the body, helping to transport nutrients and flush out waste products.

Good hydration is vital for keeping your body working the way it should.

Our adult bodies are sixty percent water, and even slight deviation from two percent body weight will impact cognitive functions and physical performance. For healthy hydration, we should all drink at least two litres of water a day, from all sources.

Enabling healthier drinking habits 

We are passionate about bringing healthy hydration to everyone, especially children. So, we spread the message of healthy hydration, wherever people are choosing something to drink.

Through Nestlé Waters, we offer naturally sourced bottled water and encourage healthier drinking habits for all ages from early stages. We promote this through educational programmes, communications and advocacy, such as:

  • We participate in awareness raising for children including Nestlé For Healthier Kids, to educate them about the importance and benefits of healthy hydration.
  • Through our brands we design activities to promote healthy hydration for all ages, helping children and caregivers to choose water instead of alternatives and adopt healthy hydration habits throughout their life.