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We are a company of pet owners and lovers, from our scientists and nutritionists to our marketing and sales people.

We believe that science-based good quality nutrition is as essential to pets' wellbeing as it is to humans. We are dedicated to understanding pets' nutritional, behavioural and social needs.

Dogged determination

To improve the lives of pets and to help communities and the environment, in 2016 we made a commitment to achieve the following 10 goals by 2023:

  1. innovate to improve pet health and wellbeing
  2. promote transparency across our product range
  3. remove artificial colourants from our products
  4. help reduce the risk of pet obesity
  5. promote pet adoption
  6. promote pets in the workplace
  7. promote responsible pet ownership programmes for children
  8. create jobs for young people across Europe
  9. improve the environmental performance of Purina’s packing
  10. implement responsible sourcing.

Leading the way in following the science

Our roots go back to the 19th Century and our passion for improving pet nutrition and pet health is as strong today as it was then.

Our 500-strong Purina Innovation Team includes:

  • veterinarians
  • nutritionists
  • animal behaviourists
  • microbiologists
  • nutritional biochemists
  • immunologists
  • food scientists
  • palatability experts
  • genomic specialists.

Together they develop ground-breaking solutions and new products to improve pet health. We’ve used science to develop foods that will fight oral health problems, support pets’ natural defences and immunity and that help to satisfy their nutritional, behavioural and social needs.

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Purina Institute

We launched the Purina Institute in 2018. Its purpose is to:

  • Share nutritional discoveries and research, for example into brain health, digestive health and molecular nutrition
  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing and innovation by showcasing objective, scientific information on current pet and human nutrition topics
  • Collaborate with the global veterinary community and scientific thought leaders through: 

       ○ scientific events, such as the Companion Animal Nutrition (CAN) Summit
       ○ round tables
       ○ panel discussions and
       ○ webinars

  • Support global advances in the field of veterinary medicine and improve pet health, such as sponsoring the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine-Companion Animals (ECVIM-CA) Congress, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s (WSAVA) Global Nutrition Committee, One Health Committee and One Care initiative.