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Many of us eat and drink more calories than we need. In fact, almost 7 in 10 men and 6 in 10 women in the UK are either overweight or obese. At the same time, as a nation, the amount of fruit and vegetables, fibre and other micronutrients we eat is declining.

What are we doing about it?

We're using our research and development network to develop healthier, tastier foods to offer people a wider range of more nutritious options to choose from. We also work to raise public awareness of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, including good hydration; a diet with the full range of essential vitamins and minerals, wholegrains and fibres; and more participation in sport and exercise.

We direct our marketing and advertising at parents and caregivers, so they can make informed decisions about their children’s diet, and we do not target our marketing for products classified as high in fat, sugar and salt under the Government's nutrient profiling model at children under 16 years of age.

We empower consumer by providing better labelling on our product packaging and drive better understanding of portion sizes, to equip consumers with the knowledge they need to live better.

We support initiatives that help encourage consumers to eat more of the ingredients and nutrients we commonly lack in our diets, and we partnered with PhunkyFoods to help bring engaging healthy lifestyle and nutrition education into more schools.

We provide our employees with the means to lead healthier lifestyles, at work and throughout their everyday lives, and empower pet owners to bring out the best in their pets.