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Career Pathways

As a young person venturing into the world of career choices, there are several key steps to consider. First and foremost, selfdiscovery is paramount. Reflect on your interests, strengths, and values. What are you passionate about? What skills come naturally to you? Understanding yourself will guide you towards careers that align with your authentic self.

Work experience, T-levels, internships, and placements offer a taste of the real working world to refine your skills and discover your strengths. Apprenticeships offer on the-job-learning to put new skills into practice, deliver mentors to support your development and provide qualifications without the student debt. Graduate schemes help you emerge with practical skills, industry knowledge and a portfolio of experiences.

Stay curious and have the courage to pursue your passions on the path that that is best suited to your individual needs and learning style.

Top 5 Apprenticeship Myths

Low paid +

Numerous apprenticeships offer a competitive salary, which means you earn as you learn. Your tuition fees are also covered to avoid student debt whilst still obtaining a respected qualification, even up to a degree.

Under-valued +

Apprenticeships offer structured training programs where individuals acquire specific, job-relevant skills. This training is often comprehensive and tailored to industry needs so that you can out what you learn into practice and become a valued member of the team from day one.

Only for those that can’t get into University +

Apprenticeships are chosen intentionally, attracting a diverse group, from high-achievers to career changers, who value practical learning. They offer an alternative route to skills, qualifications, and rewarding careers, debunking the misconception that they're exclusive to certain demographics or lower academic achievers.

No career progression +

Apprenticeships are not dead-end jobs; they're stepping stones to fulfilling careers. The practical experience, specialised training, and recognised qualifications gained during apprenticeships make individuals highly sought-after by employers. On an apprenticeship you will meet a number of industry experts, expanding your network and creating valuable connections for future opportunities.

In the UK there are apprenticeships available in over 1,500 job roles, spanning industries like healthcare, engineering, finance, digital, business. The array of industries and occupations means you can find exactly what you are passionate about and delve deeper into exploring that world. It isn’t all manual, but apprenticeships are hands on. Based on observations and doing so you can really see the impact of your work.