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To move to net zero at pace we're accelerating the evolution of our brand portfolio. We’re intensifying our scientific research to develop more:

  • sustainable crops from our suppliers
  • plant-based foods and beverages
  • climate-friendly and carbon neutral products
  • environmentally friendly packaging.

As consumer preferences move towards more transparent and sustainable products, our brand teams continue to adapt. They’re increasingly incorporating sustainability design principles into their decision-making for product development.

We all need standards

To support this, we’re providing more information at product level about the environmental impact of our ingredient supply chains. We’re also standardising the way we measure greenhouse gas emissions across our 2000 brands. That makes it easier to make comparisons and identify brands that don’t meet our corporate targets for carbon neutrality.

By increasing the number of 'carbon neutral' brands that we can offer to consumers we’re giving them the opportunity to join the fight against climate change.

The meat of the matter

With animal agriculture using up 30% of arable land, 70% of fresh water and 20% of all energy, alternative, plant-based forms of protein are becoming an increasingly important part of our diet.