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Inclusive design

Black Magc  

We are proud that Nestlé is one of the first food and beverage companies to adopt Inclusive Design (ID). ID is a process which seeks to ensure that products and packaging meets the needs of everyone, whatever the age or health conditions.

We have worked alongside Cambridge University since 2009 to develop a much better understanding of the challenges that some people can have opening our packaging and how we can overcome them.

Black Magic  

Using ID, our team at York found that the packaging we used made it difficult for one million consumers to open the boxes containing our Black Magic chocolates. These have been redesigned so that everyone can enjoy them.

We now host our own one-day workshops to ensure all brand teams across Nestlé are incorporating ID in their products.

Among the exercises we use our gloves which replicate the impact arthritis has on dexterity and goggles which replicate blurred vision as well as goggles to make it difficult to see different shades of colour.