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Missing your coffee shop? Embrace your inner barista with new Nescafé coffees

Nescafe Azera My Way

Nescafé is introducing three brand new products offering barista-style coffee at home and a new personalised spin on the classic latte.

Nescafé Gold Blend Roastery Collection, Nescafé Azera Craft Coffee and Nescafé Azera My Way Latte launch this month giving people the flavour of the artisan coffee they would expect from a coffee shop, all from the comfort of their kitchen.

Nescafé Gold Blend Roastery Collection is a range of two new premium instant coffees for people looking for a refined, high quality coffee at home.

Crafted by the Nescafé Gold Blend master roasters in Tutbury in Derbyshire, the new collection gives coffee fans the opportunity to experience the refined taste of expertly roasted coffee from the comfort of their own home.

Nescafé Azera Craft Coffee is the UK’s first craft coffee in instant format created in partnership with independent Manchester-based coffee roastery, Grindsmith.

By combining their expertise, the coffee partners were able to develop an instant blend with all the quality expected from a local coffee shop while supporting a small British roastery.

And for those who want to make their perfect latte at home, just the way they like it, there is Nescafé Azera My Way Latte, the UK’s first instant latte that can be customised to individual taste by adding a choice of milk whether it is semi-skimmed milk, almond, oat or coconut.

Easy to make in four simple steps, Nescafé Azera My Way Latte allows latte lovers to embrace their inner barista and make delicious coffee-shop style lattes from their own kitchen. 

Nescafé Gold Blend Roastery Collection, Nescafé Azera Craft Coffee and Nescafé Azera My Way Latte are now available in Sainsbury's with other major retailers to follow later in 2021.

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