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At the moment I am on maternity leave so my role involves allot more snacks and nappies than I care to mention. As an engineer working within the Nestlé Product Technology Centre my role can be really varied from designing equipment and processes, running trials in our pilot plant, or getting involved and coaching problem solving sessions. Two weeks in my role are rarely the same.

Why do balanced teams matter?

Inclusivity matters just as people matter. A team where everyone is able to be themselves, just achieves more. Different perspectives and points of view enable better solutions for the team and the business. We should always be looking outside our own frame of reference in order to develop and grow.

Why are you a passionate champion of women in engineering?

I have always been interested in how things work and how to solve problems in creative and different ways, this lead me to engineering. I'm a passionate champion of fostering an inclusive work culture, supporting and empowering our female talents is key to archiving this. I think it's so important to have accessible role models at all levels within Engineering. In short its ace career and I would like to see more people doing it.

Who has inspired you either personally or professionally and why?

Inspiration is all around, a short conversation, a book, even a sentence can lead you to action or a change in thinking, which is what inspiration is all about. It's still true that you never know who you are inspiring.