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Relaunching our women in engineering network

Stefan Wijnhoud, Head of Engineering at Nestlé UK and Ireland, and Emma Callinan, HR Lead at Nestlé Dalston factory, have reinvigorated the UK & Ireland Women in Engineering network. They spoke about why this network is so important.

Stefan said: “Our Women in Engineering network has been around for several years, and there is now an initiative to accelerate the network both globally and here in the UK and Ireland. We want our engineers, women and men, to be aware that it exists and that it is here to support female engineers in developing their careers.

For me, it’s so important to hear the voices of our women who work in engineering across our operations. Engineering is a great job, for everyone. It’s not about flexing muscles; it’s about having a creative mind. We want the network, and engineering in the UK to drive change and create fantastic allies throughout the engineering community I know that is so important

The network will give Nestlé an important insight into what shapes engineering in the future. We know there are very talented women working in engineering and the network is about increasing the number of female engineers in Nestlé and supporting them in their next career steps.

We have seen a new generation of people coming through into engineering in Nestlé who are pushing us to adapt our ways of working. Ensuring our women in engineering speak up and are vocal, is really is the right thing to do and I am giving my full support to the network.

Emma added: “We are excited to be relaunching the women in engineering network as engineering is such an interesting and varied job.

I worked on the factory floor as a shift manager for five years, so I know what it is like to work in a male dominated environment, and for many female engineers they are the only women working there, so for me it’s important that we have women and men joining the network.

Through the network we want to be able to share development opportunities, career paths and resources. But more importantly this network is about bringing together all our engineers into a place where they can support each other.

Having an active women in engineering network is an important step as part of our aim to improve gender diversity within engineering, and do everything we can to support, challenge and value our talented women engineers and I’m looking forward to seeing the outcomes from us collectively working together”.